Điều chế amoniac từ khí nitơ và khí hydro

Điều chế amoniac hàng loạt yêu cầu nhiệt độ và áp suất cao cũng như sự hiện diện của sắt như chất xúc tác.

Phản ứng giữa amoniac và hydro clorua

Amoni clorua là hợp chất tạo thành từ phản ứng giữa amoniac và hydro clorua.


Neptune is the outermost planet of the Solar System, the smallest of the giant planets


Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun, a gas giant.

Transport networks

The animation presents the main air, water and land routes and transport hubs.

Archaeological excavation (pit house)

Large construction sites provide archaeologists searching for artefacts with a great deal of work.

American bison

The American bison is the largest land animal in North America.

Great Mosque of Djenné (1907)

The mosque, built in a distinctive architectural style, is the largest adobe structure in the world.

RT-2PM Topol Intercontinental ballistic missile (Soviet Union, 1985)

A mobile, nuclear-capable ballistic missile developed at the end of the Cold War.

Ratio of volumes of similar solids

This 3D scene explains the correlation between the ratio of similarity and the ratio of volume of geometric solids.

Constructing shapes (3D)

Building 3D shapes into a given cube mesh with the help of several views.

Ukrainian Cossack (17th century)

Cossacks, members of independent semi-military communities, played an important role in the history of Ukraine.

Evolution of the bicycle

The changing bicycle, at first mocked as a toy, is a true mirror of the technical development over the last three centuries.

Safety equipment of bicycles

The highway code contains rules concerning the safety equipment of bicycles.

How does it work? - Ballpoint pen

The invention of the ballpoint pen made writing a lot easier.

Hero’s aeolipile

Hero of Alexandria is the inventor of the first steam engine, although he regarded it as an entertaining toy.

Tanks (World War II)

The main protagonists of World War II were tanks.

Hình trụ

Hình ảnh này minh họa các khối hình trụ khác nhau cũng như các mặt bên của chúng.

German alphabet game

Practise the German alphabet and form words from the letters.

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